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It is with great pleasure that I am recommending EZ Loader trailers to you. I am a Sales Manager at Perfect Catch Marine and I have had the pleasure of working with EZ loader Trailers since April of 2013. Keith Smoyer has been an outstanding sales rep and had helped us out numerous times throughout the years.

We use EZ Loader for our Bennington Pontoons and any other trailers that customers order. We previously used EZ Loader trailers on our Malibu Boats but they are now building their own trailers in house. We would still be using the EZ Loader trailers for our Malibu Boats without any hesitation if we could. The quality along with the quick turnaround of EZ Loader trailers makes them a great company to work with. They are there to answer all my trailer questions and will resolve any issues in a timely manner.

My customers have all been beyond pleased when they see their trailer for the first time. 

- Dustin Graves - Perfect Catch Marine

Mark’s Marine has been purchasing EzLoader Boat trailers since 1970.  Throughout all the years EZ Loader has been a leader in developing trailers to meet the changing demands of boats and boaters.  They go out of their way to ensure the best fit for all our boats.  Today EZ Loader is the trailer of choice for Mark’s Marine and their customers. Merlin Thykeson, President - Mark's Marine Inc., Hayden, Idaho

- Merlin Thykeson - Hayden, ID

We have been purchasing trailers from EZ loader Customs for over 20 years. Over this time line we had cycles where we purchased trailers from other companies including Metal Cra., Boat Mate, Ryan, Shorelander, Eagle, Karavan, and Sport Boat trailers. These companies at times had offered us a program or pricing that would entice us to look at certain models. Over time we have found that EZ Loader Customs is the only company we have been able to rely on to produce consistently. This involves consistent color matching, boat fits, production time lines, damage and taking care of warranty items.

Keith and Gary have been steadfast in their approach to customer service, and building a superior product that they can and will warranty and take care of. I have found no other company that will continue to listen to the needs of a dealer, care about the market, and help provide the best product for them. We purchase all of our stock non-packaged trailers from EZ Loader for our V Bottoms, Cruisers, Pontoons, and inboards. They have worked closely with us to create and make packages that work well for our market and give us a superior product value.

I would highly recommend them to you for packaging with your factory boat packages, or purchasing for your dealer inventory. I am confident that you will find they produce and deliver according to their word, and they will meet and exceed your expectations for customer service and product quality. 

- Brent Christian - Tobler Marina - Hayden, ID

I wanted to take a moment and tell you some thoughts and experiences I have had in my career in the marine industry. First off we met back in the mid eighties as you were helping Teleflex in their efforts to be a dominant player in the steering system business. I was impressed personally in your commitment to service Tracker Marine and Bass Pro Shops. After telling you no many times you remained calm and, work harder to obtain the business. After leaving Tracker and becoming the President of Glastron boats you and EZ Loader put a program together to partner the trailer and boat together and increased the profits for Glastron greatly. I believe that Glastron became your largest customer at the time at 20 some boats a day. Congratulations by the way.

Then I left again and went to Skeeter and you again was selling Skeeter a few trailers and put a program together to increase but, I found a less expensive product and chose the wrong path. You were very smart, calling on a monthly basis wanting to know whether there was anything you could do for Skeeter. As we both know it didn't take us long to realize the EZ Loader trailer as the better choice of value. You had your chance to tell me I told you so but instead you worked harder to grow the business. I believe Skeeter became your largest customer and maybe still is. Now I am Legend boats and the trailer that you manufacture is bar none the best trailer I have ever bought. We are very pleased with the quality and customer service we receive on a daily basis.

I write this to tell you thank you for many years of hard work for you and your team at EZ Loader. They should know that their hard work is much admired and appreciated.
- Rusty Kelley - Legend Boats - Midway, AR

I am writing to recommend the services of EZ Loader Boat Trailers Inc. Our family corporation has been acquainted with EZ Loader for 25 years or more. Over the years of their services, we have yet to have a concern or negative experience. EZ Loader has provided us with multiple boat trailers including different styles and sizes for our marina. We have purchased many models throughout the years andhave had nothing but satisfaction.

EZ Loader’s design and optimism, I believe, has also helped our business to excel with customer service, time efficiency, competitive pricing and excellent warranties. They are very easy to work with and we will continue to do business with them for many years to come. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding this matter.

I am happy to recommend the services of EZ Loader Boat Trailers Inc.

- Kevin Eastwold - Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock

We have been an EZ Loader dealer for over 11 years and have been in the boat business for 30 years, and the only trailers I sell are EZ Loaders. We have carried other trailer brands in the past. But EZ Loader far exceeds the standard in the trailer world. As for a Dealer and speaking for my customers, the product speaks for itself. I always have customers telling me all they will ever own is an EZ Loader. The customer service is the icing on the cake being a dealer for them. Jeremy at the Concord location goes above and beyond to make EZ Loader the top trailer in the country. 

- Chad Merritt, owner - Marritt Marine - Raliegh, NC

Since we purchased Yar-Craft we have been utilizing EZ Loader Custom Boat Trailers and have never looked back since going to them.  Our dealers are more than pleased in terms of product and performance.  Their capabilities allow us for flexibility and quick turn in any service areas, which have been very few.  The towing capabilities of their trailers is far greater than our Yar-Craft dealers have ever had.  We appreciate the long term partnership we have with EZ Loader and the great relationship. They are People, people. 

- Ivan Williams - Sales Manager, Bass Cat Boats - Midway, AR

Thank you so much for my new EZ Loader Trailer.  You have hit it out of the park!!!  I get a  New EZ Loader Trailer every year with my new boat and I would not have my boat sitting on anything else.  The craftsmanship, quality, and customer service are second to none. The paint, lightning, functionality and custom features make your trailers an ease to pull and something I am proud to have behind my vehicles.  Keep up the great work and I look forward to getting another new trailer in 2016!  

- Chris Nosari - Mountain Home, AR

I tow my Skeeter boat to professional Bass tournaments from coast to coast sometimes as much as 50 thousand miles per year.  I depend on my TI trailer at every event I compete in. TI trailers are trouble free, dependable, and super easy to load and tow.  TI trailers make my job a lot easier.

- Mark Davis - Professional Bass Fisherman

Adjustable Boat Trailer
The diversity of the adjustable trailer separates EZ Loader from the rest: galvanized, aluminum, and powder coated finish, 1K to 15K lb. capacity, and up to 32 ft. in length.​
Custom Boat Trailer
EZ Custom is known for high quality, long-last finishes, the patented I-Tube extruded frames, and innovative add - ons like lighted steps.