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EZ Loader is proud to be certified and meet the standards of these marine industry organizations.

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EZ Loader Custom
Custom welded pre-fit trailers are custom finished to match your boat.
Fully welded painted steel, Tuff Coated and Aluminum frames in a variety of sizes and lengths.
Features of Custom Trailers.
Features of Custom Trailers. Note that not all features are available on all models.

Adjustable Trailers

Adjustable Features

Adjustable Options

Custom Trailers


Custom Features

EZ Loader trailer parts are specific to one of two types of trailers. "Adjustable" trailers have a VIN# beginning with "1ZE" while "Custom" trailers have a VIN# beginning with "1L8".

To better locate parts for your EZ Loader Trailer, click on one of the following links depending on your VIN code:

Note: The VIN# is a unique serial number for each trailer. It may be found stamped in the frame of the trailer and/or on the VIN tag affixed at the base of the coupler.

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